Eggs ‘n Bacon


Eggs and bacon are a staple breakfast for many homes and restaurants.  They’re also avoided like the plague in others.  What is it about these two common morning foods that makes them so controversial? Usually, just two words: Fat, cholesterol.

Both fat and cholesterol are misunderstood by most in America today.  Neither are bad and both are essential for normal body function.

These two gems are on our table more days than not, sitting next to each other and making my day a happy one.

Spring Photo

DSC_5985webMy flowering tree is doing its thing again. That means it’s spring. The tulips are here for a few days then it’ll be on to the roses. Now, in case you’re thinking I’m a plant person, I’ll set you straight just now. We’re renting this house and it came with the greenery.  I don’t know the name of the ‘pink tree’ and I only know ‘tulip’ and ‘rose’ but have no clue what varieties are what.  They seem to be growing in spite of my ignorance so I’ll enjoy looking at them and snap some photos of them now and again.