On The Road Again

Good Morning, from sunny Kissimmee, Florida.


We spent the summer in Reedsville, Wisconsin just like last year. Summer was over too quickly, but we did get to spend time with the kids, friends, and family.

All too soon it was September, and that means pulling up stakes and heading to warmer weather for the winter. The first part of winter will be enjoyed here in Kissimmee, and then we’ll head to (as of today) parts unknown.

So, if you’re looking for a winter get away and want to head to Disney, just yell, we’re here waiting for you. Taylor and Lacy will be here in just about 10 days so we’re going to get this party started!

Of course, since we’re just outside the gates of Disney, we’ve gone there the past two days (that would be every day since we got here, hehehe.) Picked up our annual passes for the parks, had dinner in Italy, bought a kimono in Japan, grabbed a turkey leg from America, snacked on some hummus fries in Morocco, and had drinks with Indiana Jones’s pilot. Not bad for two days.

Red Rock In Bloom

Back to Red Rock we went for one last fling with one of our favorite spots on earth. The abandoned (and vandalized down to the foundations) homestead of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson was our destination today along the shores of Pine Creek. We walked through real “midwestern” grass for the first time since we arrived in Nevada. Hanging out around the homestead was just like being in Wisconsin (if you didn’t pay attention to the mountains sitting right there, and over there . . . and just over there, too.) Poplar trees, a creek, some grass, crickets— so unlike what we’d hiked in up to this point. I stopped and took pics of all the bright pops of color while we meandered along at a photographer’s pace. Here’s a very quick video pictorial of the day.

Oh, yes, we had an awesome time on the cruise. 10 days o’ fun! That’s a much longer video, though, so it’ll be awhile before I get around to editing it. I’ll post it when I do.

Oh number two, yes, we know when we’re leaving Nevada on our way to Wisconsin. We leave here in mid-May and arrived in Reedsville on Memorial Day.

Oh The Hike With It

Unbeknownst to us (because we’re unobservant), Mosaic Canyon is an uphill trek. Not just a wee, “I do this all the time on the treadmill” kind of incline either. It is pretty substantial. About halfway through the video you’ll get an idea of the incline on the ‘flat’ part of the canyon in a photo showing two faithful hikers trudging up the slope.

It isn’t as though it goes from pretty flat to pretty steep– it just goes from steep to, “why do I feel like I’ve been drugged”? Of course, when you’re walking it you have no clue you’re hiking an incline, there isn’t a point of reference. It all looks flat, you just can’t catch your breath as you’re moving along. You’ll see me stop to wipe my steadily running nose and bend over to grab a breath in one of the video clips, hehehe.

The sites are amazing and I do want to go back on another day and go further into the canyon. We bailed after a bit less than a mile. I’m thinking it was a bit less than a mile just eyeballing it from the satellite view. It felt like hours. When we started, we were hoofing it at a good tempo to get in a workout, not realizing we were soon going to wear ourselves out. We stopped for lunch at our established lunch time, and I could only fit in half of what I brought, I was so winded. Shortly thereafter we both started feeling the effects of eating and then immediately putting in a heavy workout, bahaha, not a good combo. Of course, I don’t have to tell you that the walk back was a trip that made us think we were silly for turning around. On the way back down, you can really see the decline – it’s the craziest thing.

I didn’t bring my big camera since the battery was whining for a charge, so we made do with the GoPro and cell phone cameras. Got some good shots though, surprisingly. Anyhoo, here’s a quick video. (High res if you go to YouTube or make the video full-screen, I think anyway.)